How to reach Wroclaw

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Under the same address the detailed information how to reach Wroclaw is available (fold - "Location"). The general information is given below.

WROCLAW is situated in southwest Poland on the Odra River. With its superb location in the heart of Europe, Wroclaw is easily accessed by road, rail, air and even water. The city's strategic location is enhanced by many international transport routes running across Wroclaw (national road number 8 from Warsaw, national road number 5 from Poznan, motorway A4 from Cracow, Katowice to Berlin, Dresden). The dense road and railway networks in the surrounding province of Lower Silesia are well-connected with existing pan-European systems (including the so-called "3rd Pan-European Transport Corridor").

The map below shows the centre of town - Conference Hall at the Institute of Experimental Physics (pl. Maxa Borna 9), Conference Dinner location, some nearby hotels and important bus/tram stops are marked.

More detailed map of a much bigger part of Wroclaw could be downloaded here. Another maps and information how to reach the conference place and hotels are given in the Last minute information - MPTL 12 web fold "Announcement".

The Copernicus International Airport Wroclaw is located ten kilometers away from the city centre. At present the airport handles scheduled and chartered flights. For more information please visit http://www.airport.wroclaw.pl/.

Wroclaw is an important railway junction. Convenient train links are available to all capitals and major cities across Europe. Direct international railway connections include Prague, Berlin, Cottbus, Dresden, Goerlitz, Hamburg, Bratislava. For train schedules please visit http://rozklad.pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en?.